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I don’t really care bout what these hoes say
Fuck ‘EM all pour down the rosé

Girl u Thot u don’t love me
All u really care about is money


She gave me the look
Like fuck me on the stairs

Make love to your soul
Grabbing on your hair

I wanna get high
You just wanna fight instead

Rosé in my glass so obviously I don’t care

Rolling lirik terjemahan arti indonesia TheKid – Rosé Lyrics download mp3 with my niggas everyday Yh
Lately life been fucking up my brain Yh
Higher pedestal Oh u see me Yh
Rollin’ round Rollin’ with my boys Yh

Why You trynna fuck up my money
All u really care bout is Versace

That booty so big and so lovely
Ignore when u call cuz I’m cookin’ with Zaty

Bby lets get faded
I ain’t been cord kord chord TheKid – Rosé Lyrics kunci gitar smoking lately
So I brought some rosé
Pour it down slowly

Won’t you come through
I got this rosé for you


When I’m all alone I be thinking bout you
You might not believe but that’s just the fucking true Yh

Forget all your worries bby
Let’s fly to the moon
Bby I’m a G and the G don’t stand for goon

Don’t mess with a G like that
You know I’m a G like that

Your curvy body in that sundress
Make me wanna undress

Why you gotta be so perfect
Why you gotta
Why you gotta be so perfect
Why you gotta
Why you gotta be so perfect
Why you gotta


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